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  • hans opreg left today which suckkkkkkked but like she has been soooo good to me in the 3 weeks that we’ve hung out sharing her house n car n money n food n heart n style n carol and yeah i didn’t really wanna say anything too long or emotional in the park bc everyone was around n stuff but that was silly of me and so i’m making my public declaration of hansmom apprecation <3 we’ll still chat on fb n stuff n it won’t be very diff at all n i’ll probably be the last person you miss but yeah ily xx

    Tagged: #opreg #fwends #important #she's on a plane rn i think #hopefully when she lands she can check this :)

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      Aw jord omg I miss you all the time and it was my pleasure to do all those things and I would do it time and time again....
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      Aw omg
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      Hansmom appreciation post
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      this is a very very cute post and hannah is very very special and i’ll miss her a lot, love you hannah
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